Thursday, October 27, 2011

New York City Impressions

March - July 2011: I finally made my dream come true to experience how it would be to live in this famous city. Totally unexpected one of my close friends Elise had the same plans. So we both applied for an internship at the famous PR company Karla Otto and got both accepted.

The beginning of the Time of our Lives ;-)

Here are some pictures I took from this amazing city. And even though I have left New York a while ago I still keep thinking of the City and would go back immediately if I had the chance!

As you might imagine I took A LOT of pictures during these months. Slowly by slowly I will post the pics of my adventure on SpottedwithStyle.

!Just be patient!

View from the Webster Roof - my home for 3 months

Empire State Building and still having my long long hair back then

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