Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2012/2013


With the the autumn / winter 2012/2013 collection Luis Vuitton takes us on a decadent journey. It's in perfect harmony with the brand's brand values, which is all about "travelling in style"! 

The longer silhouette of the new collection from Marc Jacobs is determined by linear, reduced cuts. Flared skirts can be combined to narrow 7/8-trousers. Simple cuts which come with ornaments and patterns that stand out. Retro motifs and sparkling gems create the elegant travelling combinations.

Do we not all want to travel like this?

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Key looks of Autumn/Winter collection are knee-length dresses and coats in combination with narrow, ankle-length pants. Besides the obligatory tweed velvet, transparent fabrics and metallic effects are strongly represented.  

Specials are the feather dresses, shiny rectangular prism structures and a forest leaf outfit.

Beauty inspiration of the show are the glittery eyebrows of the Chanel models.

P.S. here the song of the show "I didnt know- Tristesse Contemporaine":

Monday, March 5, 2012

L'Odyssée de Cartier


The new Cartier spot made by Bruno Aveillan is about the history and the values of the brand, in which the Cartier-panther makes a magical journey. 

From June to September 2011, the film was shot. Therefore, the team travelled to the Italian Dolomites, in Spain and of course in Paris, the founding place of Cartier.

The real star of the spot - aside from the wonderfully sparkling jewels - is the model Shalom Harlow, who disappoears at the end together with the panter in the red ecrin, the typical hand-made red leather Cartier case. 

My Weekend Review

Here's a Casual Shopping Outfit

H&M Trend - Shorts
Louis Vuitton - Bag
Chanel - Sunglasses
Bypac - Cashmere Scarf
Banana Republic - Sweater
Pretty Ballerinas - Shoes

Spotted this purple carpet. Unfortunately, my camera didn't really catch that bright purple color. I thought it was a fun change to red carpets. 

This was in Menton, France at the Citrus Festival. My conclusion of that trip: It was nice to have been there once, seeing some nice sculptures made of oranges and lemons. But an entrance fee of 9Euros for a 15 minutes path was something I do not need to try out again.