Sunday, December 9, 2012

VoilĂ  the most comfortable high heels brand: GIANNI BINI

Ever since I could think... nooo but ever since I started to walk on high heels I have been searching for a shoe brand which makes walking on heels more pleasurable.

I stopped buying high heels which are not comfortable a long time ago... simply because I do not want to invest in shoes which hurt my feet. And I think I speak for many girls that those shoes will just stay in the already overpacked shoe closet and barely touch any streets. And only looking at a gorgeous shoe and getting that feeling of possession is not satisfying myself in the long-run. 
So I promised myself to STOP that routine.

From time to time I find a comfortable heel which I immediately buy of course. I look at it, I use it, I am satisfied!

Couple of weeks ago I was on vacation in Florida and passed by the department store Dillards where I came across that shoe brand Gianni Bini.

I am not exaggerating but all their shoes are super super comfy, look beautiful and are relatively inexpensive! I just coudn't resist and had to buy those 4 pairs which will definitely not make me regret filling my luggage.  What makes these shoes so comfortable is that soft cushion which is integrated in the sole, the platform, heel and leather used. Unfortunately you can only purchase that brand via Dillards stores or through the Dillards website.

Here are the ones I bought + one pair (last one with studs) I recommend highly and regret not buying it because I guarantee that you can dance in those shoes ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!