Friday, March 25, 2011

I Love Handbags

I love handbags, I really do. Even though I have almost 30 different bags these are my Top 4, which I regularly use.

Nr. 1: LV Neverfull
This is my first Premium brand bag, which I got from my family as I turned 23. I bought it in Nice, France and till now do not regret to spend so much money for a single bag because I use it "ALL" the time (school, work, travelling, shopping etc etc). The only downside is that you cannot close and I am always afraid that my wallet gets stolen.

Nr. 2: Assima Bordeaux red Shoulder Bag
This little bag is perfect if I dont need to carry many things with me especially for the summer to complement my bohemian look

Nr. 3: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo/Shoulder Bag
During my last New York trip I was determined to buy a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag even though I was not 100% convinced by the design. This girl really works so hard for the money, she should treat herself with a new bag! And that's what I did...
I haven't used it for many months but lately realized the handiness of this handbag because I can transform it in a shoulder bag, it gives me security against thiefs and glamorousizes a simple outfit.

Nr. 4: LV Noe
Did you know that this bag was originally designed to carry Champagne bottles? Exactly 5 bottles will fit :-). I got this bag from my mum or basically borrowed it and never gave it back!
I really like it especially in situations when the Neverfull is too big or if I am in a city, where there are lots of pickpockets because unlike the Neverfull you can close the Noe.

Agenda Update

In my last post I have already mentioned my need for an agenda. In the meantime I visited my boyfriend in Frankfurt, where we were looking for the ideal agenda.

I was seriously doubting about the LV or the Gucci one and my bf almost lost his patience. Well, it was an important matter since this was a gift for my Bachelor from him.

At the end I decided for the Gucci agenda!

Friday, March 18, 2011

WANTED: Agenda

Being a pretty chaotic girl an agenda is a Must for me to structure my day and not forget any important dates and numbers... like phone numbers and birthdays!

I am really bad with any kind of numbers :-), except price tags. Strange but true I can almost always remember the prices of fashion items.

What does that mean? Hmm I really don't know.

Anyways, I have noticed lately that there is such a limited amount of nice agendas. After intensive research I could only find agendas from LV, Gucci, Hermes, Chanel and Mont Blanc.
However, neither of them have really convinced me. (Except the Chanel agenda, which costs ~680 Euros). Simple too expensive for me.

Has everything become so digitalized that the demand for a normal agenda has disappeared?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

H&M Summer Collection arrives in May

The summer collection "peu à peu" is influenced by countries like Africa, India and Hawaii and exotic prints and can be purchased in stores from May till July.

Here are some of my favorites:

Leather is not only for summer!

Hot or Not?

Leather in summer? Definitely Hot!
Mini leather skirts in light Napa leather is not only totally comfortable but also totally stylish and a perfect substitute to Jeans, mini skirts and Co.

Style it up with tights to follow this trend through cold temperatures... but the first day of spring is coming up on the 21.
March. So lets pray and hope that the temperatures will also go up!