Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MISSONI's Brand Identity Prism

MISSONI inspired nails

I'm a huge fan of Missoni. I love their famous zig-zag pattern, the colorful patterns, brand values, the bohemian flair,... I could go on and on hahhaa

In my next post I will show you a little homework I had to do for school - Brand Identity Prism. It will give you an idea in what Missoni stands for.

When I spotted this nail style on a former collegue I simply must had to try it myself. Not perfect but I will keep practicing. Hope you all like it and get inspired yourself!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

OUTFIT: I was wearing...

Cartier Watch
Primark Jumpsuit
Bershka Jeans Jacket
Pretty Ballerinas Shoes

I styled my little dotted jumpsuit from Primark with my dotted tights from H&M. To give it a little edge I combined a jeans jacket and my Assima bag. Perfect outfit to go shopping or meet your friends at a cafe. Don't think I am crazy to wear such an outfit during winter times but the weather in Cannes is great righ now.

Ballerina's from the Pretty Ballerinas is my favorite brand. They have super cute designs and are super super comfortable!

Enjoy your Sunday

Thursday, February 23, 2012

MARNI for H&M: 8th of March

Ready Set Go for the Marni collection at H&M?

Here is a little preview:

Pants & Top - 79,95€
Collar - 19,95


Pants - 79,95
Top - 129 
Collar - 19,95


Striped Leggings - 39,95
Pants - 79,95
Top - 49,95


Dress - 129
Necklace with white flowers - 29,95
Colored Necklace - 49,95
Cuffs - 19,95€, 24,95


Coat - 129
Dress - 99
Leggings - 39,95
Belt - 9,95
Earrings - 19,95


Dress - 99
Necklace - 39,95
Bag - 39,95
Cuff - 19,95


Blazer - 99
T-Shirt - 19,95
Skirt - 59,95
Knee Socks - 9,95
Pumps - 99


Dress - 79,95
Cuffs - 24,95
Glasses - 19,95   

These would be my favorites:


Latest Purchase: NEON Pink Blazer

H&M Blazer (29,95)

Recently bought the neon pinky blazer. All the people who really know me are aware that pink is my favorite color. However I never find myself buying any clothes in that color. Last week I was at H&M and saw that color popping into my eyes.

Bright colors are great statement pieces and you can upgrade a simple outfit immediately giving it a great fashion appeal!

P.S. And it fits perfectly with my new Iphone case :D


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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OUTFIT: I was wearing... (Part 2)

Got a new haircut last week: a LOB "Long Bob"
Do you know this kind of situation if you're not sure if the decision you made to cut your hair shorter was right?

As for the majority of girls my hair is so precious to me. But as I always say "No risk No fun". So I went to a cute hair salon in Juan les Pins and showed the hairdresser a picture of the hairstyle I was looking for, which was a picture of Olivia Palermo.

Yes, I have to admit I love Olivia's great sense of Fashion and the unique style she creates with designer pieces and highstreet fashion.

Anyways, the hairdresser immediately gave me a feeling of security cause he seemed to be a complete perfectionist. Of course I did not miss a single move he did with his hand, just to make sure he was exactly doing what I asked him to do. 

... I don't regret my decision :D

H&M Dress & Bracelet
Mango Shoes
Zara Bag

OUTFIT: I was wearing... (Part 1)

Hello Hello,

I am back posting a new blog what I was wearing lately.
You're curious what I was wearing under my coat??

Check out the next post!!


Steve Madden Shoes
Zara Coat & Bag
Chanel Glasses

(Old town Antibes, France)