Monday, December 19, 2011

One more week...

One more week and then the most wonderful time of the year will arrive - CHRISTMAS

Finally arrived back home in Germany and it is a great feeling to be back! Being able to communicate properly in German, watching my German TV, which I have deeply missed all these months and just being lazy and let my mom do the work. 

GREAT... that's vacation hahaha

Yesterday family photoshoot and church and today its shopping time with my mom!

Weather: Cold and rainy... but I am still hoping for snowy christmas

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Flying home for Christmas. (Destination: Germany)

Right now you can find me sitting here at airport waiting to finally take off... However I still have 2 more hours to wait.

Fortunately there is free wifi. Going home for christmas to good old Germany.

I am looking forward to nice presents, great food and friends and family time!


J'adore Balloons

Ever since I have seen the Disney movie UP I love fashion
campaigns, which include balloons. It makes me dream and dream and dream...

Now balloons always remind me of that movie and I start dreaming again hahaa.

Here is a collection of inspiring balloon campaigns: 

Monday, December 12, 2011

ASOS purchase


ASOS Shift Dress with Knot Front

£50.00 NOW


ASOS Jumper With Metallic Bird Print

NOW £28.50


ASOS BLACK Dress With Leather Insert Peplum
NOW £29.00

Being trapped at home working day and night for projects, ASOS helped me to relax. Ordered these items a couple of weeks ago and so excited to try them on when I go back to Germany for the holidays!

Wishing you all a relaxing start in the week!

Spotted this red evening dress at Mango, Cannes.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MARNI for H&M: In store on March 8th 2012!!

Being busy lately with school stuff, I had no time to post anything.

However, when I just read about, who is going to be the next collaboration partner of H&M after Versace I simply had to share this on my blog!

The collection is inspired on classic Marni pieces, like their 7/8th pants, pleated dresses and jacquard knits. All executed in tribal meets Bauhaus prints.

During my internship at Karla Otto, I was in daily touch with the latest Marni collections. Not really been convinced about the label, I might change my mind when I see some more pieces of the collaboration for H&M. Maybe I get surprised again - like I was with Versace. 

You all enjoy the video and I go back to my homeworks! 


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hot or Not? But definitely Fun!

I took this picture in a wig shop at Albert Cuyp street, Amsterdam.
I love this area because of the surinamese food, which I Love Love Love!!!

So when you get the chance to travel to Amsterdam, you simply have to try the surinamese kitchen, which you almost cannot find anywhere else besides Suriname.

Anyways, I got totally crazy when I saw all these different wigs (long, short, curly, straight, with fringe, all colors you can imagine etc.). I tried all of them on and me and my friend had so much fun! Wigs could be a funny accessory for a party.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Spotted at Massimo Dutti's and Mango's online shop:

I love this contrast style... The top is simple but the bottom extravagant.

I have already tried these silk payama trousers on twice in September but I wasn't sure if it really matches to my wardrobe. However, even after 2 months I still like them - which is most of the time a good sign. Maybe I am lucky and I get them on sale!

I have already spotted Andy Torres from with this dress at a Mango Party and I immediately loved it.
Now it is available online! Especially the back of the dress is adorable!

House of Harlow 1960: Sunburst Cocktail Ring

One of the first pieces Nicole Richie designed after launching her jewelry brand House of Harlow 1960. 

This ring is the perfect accessory for a bohemian-chic style. Ever since I have spotted the ring I wanted to buy it but I never went through. And now since the ring is available in different colors it is even harder for me to make the decision!

Which color do you prefer the most?


Friday, October 28, 2011

NYC Lookbook - Mix 'n Match

Here is a little overview of outfits I was wearing in Nyc. 
There will be more Lookbooks to come... :)

J Crew  SweaterH&M Trend  Shorts
Pretty Ballerina  Shoes

LV Handbag
ASOS  Jumpsuit
Rayban Wayfarer

Nine West  Wedges

Alexander Mc Queen  Scarf
(transformed into a belt)

Jeffrey Campbell  Shoes
(I'm so sad I didnt get them)

Asos  Ring
Forever 21  Dress
Banana Republic  Bag
Nine West  Platform Shoes

H&M  Necklace
Forever 21  Dress
Banana Republic HandbagNine West  Platform Shoes

J Crew  Hat
H&M  Shirt, Shorts
Forever 21  Necklace

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Louis Vuitton: Perfume

All the big famous brands (Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani,...) have it: The Perfume

As we know Marc Jaocobs likes to enter new territory so it is no surprise that the French luxury brand is launching its 1st perfume in 2012!
Jaques Cavallier-Belletrud from Grasse ('L’Eau d’Issey', Jean Paul Gaultiers 'Classique', 'Cinema' von Yves Saint Laurent und Diors 'Addict'), will create the LV perfume.

Curious how the smell of the perfume will be:
A smell of luxurious travelling luggage made of fine leather, exotic spices from all over the world, a hint of nostalgy mixed with a modern twist that surprises ?

Inspiration of the Day: "It is hard to fail but it is worse never to have tried to succeed"

Spotted at the Museum of Natural History, NYC

New York City Impressions

March - July 2011: I finally made my dream come true to experience how it would be to live in this famous city. Totally unexpected one of my close friends Elise had the same plans. So we both applied for an internship at the famous PR company Karla Otto and got both accepted.

The beginning of the Time of our Lives ;-)

Here are some pictures I took from this amazing city. And even though I have left New York a while ago I still keep thinking of the City and would go back immediately if I had the chance!

As you might imagine I took A LOT of pictures during these months. Slowly by slowly I will post the pics of my adventure on SpottedwithStyle.

!Just be patient!

View from the Webster Roof - my home for 3 months

Empire State Building and still having my long long hair back then

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OUTFIT: I was wearing...

Here I am at the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classics Game at Governors Island, NYC.

These are the 2 pictures a photographer from Elle took from me that day.

H&M Dress from Conscious Collection
Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag
Nine West Wedges
Primark Belt
Vintage Fur West

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shooting Part 1

Ever since I watched Sex and the City I fell in love with the Ballerina skirt of Carrie Bradshaw and was looking everywhere for something similar!

When I first saw this Ballerina skirt at H&M there was no way I could not buy it. However I thought that the skirt was a little too ballerina like, which was why I cut the inner layer shorter to give it a little edge.

Zara Jacket, Shoes and Bag
Forever 21 Necklace
H&M Top and Skirt

(All pictures were taken by Fanny Yang)