Friday, August 31, 2012

Master Thesis: Blogging Is the New Black

I'm Done! I'm Happy!

"This dissertation “Blogging Is The New Black” analyzes why social media in general and fashion bloggers in specific have become so powerful and how companies can benefit from the blogger’s impact. One main reason why blogs are a success is authenticity the writer is giving the reader. Today’s generation tend to trust “real people” more when they promote a product than when brands are doing it themselves. Hence, advertising has increased rapidly in fashion blogs in the form of banners, free merchandise or collaborations."

Louis Vuitton Express

Before i blogged about Garance Doré's journey to Tokyo, who was sent by DIOR and this time it is Louis Vuitton, who chose the blogger and photographer Todd Selby to take him far east! The ultimate LV Express train adventure.

He is taking the train from Paris to Shanghai. However in this the focus is not on the product itself compared to the DIOR campaign but on the journey and the impressions Todd is collecting every day.

I think its a genius campaign introducing a fashion blogger in luxury marketing campaign (which has to be by the way totally different cause they have to stay timeless and the brand should still dominate at all times). The whole travel campaign including the LV Express totally matches with their core value of travelling, travelling in style no matter where you are going and which transportation tool you are taking.

Love at first sight

What more can I say?! Saw this outfit and fell in love :)

This is exactly what is still missing in my wardrobe! Have you also ever experienced this feeling? Most likely, right?! It's Haunting me!

Will definitely try this on during my next Zara visit. Let's hope it suits me too!