Friday, August 31, 2012

Master Thesis: Blogging Is the New Black

I'm Done! I'm Happy!

"This dissertation “Blogging Is The New Black” analyzes why social media in general and fashion bloggers in specific have become so powerful and how companies can benefit from the blogger’s impact. One main reason why blogs are a success is authenticity the writer is giving the reader. Today’s generation tend to trust “real people” more when they promote a product than when brands are doing it themselves. Hence, advertising has increased rapidly in fashion blogs in the form of banners, free merchandise or collaborations."


  1. Hi would there be a chance to read your work? I'm writing my bachelor thesis about influence of fashion blogs on buying decisions and I thought that your work might be useful for me :). My mail is I would be more than happy if u contact me


  2. So, what happened to the dissertation? I think blogging had certainly been a on mainstream nowadays. And I think it would be a good thesis help to other people who are finding it hard to deal with. Anyway, I do hope everything went well with the dissertation.

  3. Hi Chantal, I'm writing my bachelor thesis about a similar topic and it would be very interesting to read your master thesis. Would it be possible? My email is Looking forward to hear from you :)


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