Friday, March 25, 2011

I Love Handbags

I love handbags, I really do. Even though I have almost 30 different bags these are my Top 4, which I regularly use.

Nr. 1: LV Neverfull
This is my first Premium brand bag, which I got from my family as I turned 23. I bought it in Nice, France and till now do not regret to spend so much money for a single bag because I use it "ALL" the time (school, work, travelling, shopping etc etc). The only downside is that you cannot close and I am always afraid that my wallet gets stolen.

Nr. 2: Assima Bordeaux red Shoulder Bag
This little bag is perfect if I dont need to carry many things with me especially for the summer to complement my bohemian look

Nr. 3: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo/Shoulder Bag
During my last New York trip I was determined to buy a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag even though I was not 100% convinced by the design. This girl really works so hard for the money, she should treat herself with a new bag! And that's what I did...
I haven't used it for many months but lately realized the handiness of this handbag because I can transform it in a shoulder bag, it gives me security against thiefs and glamorousizes a simple outfit.

Nr. 4: LV Noe
Did you know that this bag was originally designed to carry Champagne bottles? Exactly 5 bottles will fit :-). I got this bag from my mum or basically borrowed it and never gave it back!
I really like it especially in situations when the Neverfull is too big or if I am in a city, where there are lots of pickpockets because unlike the Neverfull you can close the Noe.

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  1. Hey Chantal, I appreciate your taste. I also own a brilliant collection of branded bags that includes LV, Tory Burch, Michael Kors and Kim Rogers.


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