Saturday, September 15, 2012

Who Am I?

What is my origin?

Grandparents are from China (border to HongKong) and moved to South America, Suriname, which used to be a Dutch colony. There, my parents were born who later moved to Holland and then to Germany. So I was born and raised in Germany but I am from Chinese origin!
So that's the whole story hahahaa

Which fashion item would I spend most money for?

Some girls love shoes, some love clothes, some love handbags,... I just love everything! However, I would spend most money for handbags. They can upgrade any outfit and I believe it is easier to recognize a cheaply produced bag then clothes, accessories or shoes.

Favorite color?

My favorite color is pink. Though I do not have many clothes in that color it simply makes me happy to see pink. In terms of clothes I am very into Bordeaux red right now. All time favorite colors are Creme and Taupe.

Favorite brands?

I love all sorts of brands but if I had to choose two and if money wouldn't be an issue I would go for Chanel and Valentino! They are both very female and elegant and they would make me feel like a billion dollar girl :D

Fashion outfit combos I feel most comfortable in?

- Pair some leggings or tights with a big cashmere sweater and ugg 
  boots (LOVE Ugg Boots got 5 different colors)

- Love all kinds of dresses

--> I love to wear comfortable clothes which are loose fitted. Not a
    big fan of pants

Top 5 list of fashion items I must possess till the age of 40:

1. Balenciaga City Bag
2. Herm├Ęs Belt
3. Burberry Trench
4. Chanel 2.55 Quilted Bag
5. Christian Louboutin

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