Friday, June 8, 2012

Create Your Outfit

Even if I'm broke I still go 'shopping'... without (or at least I try not) buying something. But shopping can be still lots of fun when you want to safe money :D
Me and my friends go to stores and choose all the items that catches our attention and try them on. 

What's the purpose of that masochistic idea some of you might think? 

To practice discipline
To keep up with the latest trends
To improve your sense of random styling

All bullxxx I ended up regretting not buying the dress with the wide sleeve and that sweater with a V-cut in the back and embellishments on the shoulder and the black platform shoes, which were so incredible comfortable! Two weeks after sweater, dress, shoes were sold out! Thank god I bought the shorts before.
However, I found the sweater on again and going to order it today! 

So for the next time I'll remember: Immediately buy the items which really really grab your attention Chantal or simply avoid doing these fake shopping trips!


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